Chris Collins
Chris Collins
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A licensed Auctioneer in the State of Ohio, I attended the Missouri Auction School and am a member of the Ohio Auctioneers Association. I am a licensed Realtor in the State of Ohio, a member of NAR, OAR, and the Certified Appraisers Guild of America, and was a finalist in the 2011 Ohio Auctioneers Association Bid Calling Contest. Auctioneering is an art form, not just a job. I take my work seriously, and have an excellent reputation in the Auctioneering field.  I am also Owner of Collins Auctions, LLC.

  1. Buyers Come Pre-approved - There is no need to wait on a bank approval. All buyers must be pre-approved prior to auction.
  2. No Negotiations, No Contingencies - This method takes the seller out of the negotiation process. Also, all inspections must be done prior to auction day, so there is no risk for buyers to discontinue the contract due to inspection issues.
  3. Competitive Bidding - Buyers are compelled to make a quick decision. They know that the property is going to sell that day.
  4. Quick Disposal - This method reduces Long Term Costs such as property taxes, insurance, and utilities that can cost a homeowner as their property remains on the market unsold.
  5. Auctions Work Well in All Economic Conditions.
  6. No Pre-Set Price - The buyers do not have a preset price of what the property value is. Often a property is stigmatized if it has been on the market too long. This process eliminates that.

To find out more about selling your property at auction, call me at 740-591-5837.

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