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      John Sole and Jim Bloom have been in the real estate business together for more than 25 years. During this time Sole & Bloom Realtors has had the opportunity to successfully work with countless individuals and families in this community to provide professional assistance in the acquisition and sale of real estate

      As a result of Sole & Bloom's affiliation with Diversified Properties and Sole-Wentworth, Inc. access to newly designed custom homes, numerous subdivisions and innovative multifamily projects have earmarked Sole & Bloom Realtors' history. Through the marketing efforts of Sole & Bloom, many choices of residential style and character have been made available for people moving to and within Athens, Ohio.

      With an efficient and experienced staff, our goal is to provide the highest degree of service possible with an understanding of each individual transaction and its importance to each of those buyers and sellers. We like to think the work we are doing is bettering the residential quality of our community.