Buyer Information

Our Services Available To You As A Buyer

  • Offer information packets of Athens City and County.
  • Give tours of the area for you as you examine Athens City and County to determine your interest in our locale.
  • Explain and explore your various financing alternatives as you contemplate your purchase of real estate.
  • Furnish access to numerous local lenders for pre-qualification and financing issues.
  • Supply information to all MLS listings of available properties, and provide tours and showings of those of interest to you.
  • Explain the process of purchasing and the format and use of the real estate contract.
  • Provide thorough communication about the buying process, including the inspection procedures, various pertinent contingencies, and the step-by-step procedure of contract completion.
  • Track your financing with your lender of your choice.
  • Finalize the closing procedure and coordinate all occupancy issues.
  • Discuss the acquisition of property for the purpose of building a custom home.
  • Coordinate the prospects of custom home design and building with our affiliate - Sole-Wentworth, Inc. This design-build organization has a 30 year history of custom home design and construction in our locale.

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