Herrold Square Townhouses

The Herrold Square Townhouses

Another Infill development located in a former abandoned and degraded Athens City location.  There are 16 custom units of original design and construction.  Once again, these residences address the growing need for first time buyers, many professionals seeking ownership versus rental, and the further need for many professionals cycling in and out of the University community.

For additional information regarding Herrold Square,
contact Jim Bloom - (740) 592-5263. 


Northpoint Subdivision

The Northpoint Subdivision

23 wooded Home Sites adjacent to the City of Athens conceived and developed in the mid 1990’s.  All development accomplished by our company, and almost all custom homes designed and constructed by our companies.

For additional information regarding Northpoint,
contact Jim Bloom - (740) 592-5263. 

Westfield Townhouses

The Westfield Townhouses

70 Residential Townhomes, custom designed and developed in the mid 1990’s.  This development addressed the need for affordable attached housing with City Services.  A mixture of 2 and 3 bedroom floorplans, these residences were significantly successful as no project of this nature had been attempted or completed in the City up to the point of their creation.

For additional information regarding Westfield Townhouses,
contact Jim Bloom - (740) 592-5263.


South Ridge Subdivision

Then South Ridge Subdivision

An Infill minor Subdivision of Custom Homes set on wooded private lots.  Six custom designed homes designed to be compatible with the private wooded location.  Care was taken to incorporate the homes into the existing environment and all residence have demonstrated strong resale.

For additional information regarding South Ridge lots,
contact Jim Bloom - (740) 592-5263.